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Francesca Pinoni´s Sharing

The recent event “Feminine Capital Forum” was surprisingly sweet. This gathering of empowered and empowering women and men who support and understand us was infused with kindness, gentleness, cooperation and goodwill. For me, these traits form an important part of our “Feminine Capital”, values that often have been denigrated and marginalized in our male-driven societies. We, as women, need to value and cultivate our feminine strengths, all the tools we traditionally use in the home to manage the day to day tasks and take on the ultimate responsibility of raising the future generation. The conference speakers shared their powerful stories of how they succeeded in business, education and politics using their “Feminine Capital” rather than falling into “male” roles of competition and power games.
Besides listening to many inspiring women, I was happy that there was also a panel of men. I like to see men explore their inner feminine side. When both men and women find balance within ourselves, only then can we walk together, side by side, in relaxed peace and equality, celebrating our differences and enjoying the warm of the magnet push and pull between female and male – yin & yang.
The day was balanced, informative, enjoyable and never boring! I feel privileged to have been honored by an “Inspirational Award” for my work with the Cyprus Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibitions. It came as a big surprise and all I could say was “Thank you”! On reflection, I acknowledge working very consciously to create a sustained event in a feminine way; making choices based on the values mentioned above rather than focusing on “the bottom line”. Community building, education and sharing knowledge have always been the priorities of the MBS. I’m happy to see the event continue and grow after passing on the reins to the next generation of women leaders.
Gratitude to Viola, her organizational team and all the speakers for sharing their passion, knowledge and experience.

The Feminine Capital Rhythm has two pillars.

The first, is a programme, designed for women to re-discover themselves, their rhythm and power in order to balance the light and the shadow of their feminine and masculine energies and bring this equilibrium to their families, colleagues and communities.

The second, is an international event "Feminine Capital Forum" presenting speakers & panels on different areas of life to empower women to embrace their femininity and men their masculinity and break free to create a more sustainable society. The forum gives inspirational awards to outstanding people, the first successful event was in Cyprus last May and next one is coming soon.

Deep inside every person there is an essential force that has matured, altered and compromised by life events. Following a lengthy struggle, a major life event for many women of today has been their emergence as peers alongside men in the established order. Women are now actively present in influential positions in many fields. However, travelling on this pathway to equality, a huge price is being paid by these powerful women in their health and/or relationships. For, to be considered as peers, many women have copied the established masculine model in order to unlock and enter his protected domain. This compromise has led women to discard and damage much of their fundamental natural feminine energy, a vital asset that is woman's most precious capital.

The Feminine Capital Programme

The Feminine Capital Programme is designed to support women in re-discovering themselves and their power to balance the light and the shadow of their feminine and masculine energies and share this equilibrium with their families, colleagues and communities.
The Feminine Capital Programme also supports empowered and committed men who are ready to break free from cultural judgments to share and enjoy the participation of women as peers in all areas of life, together as peers "Caring for Equality"

The purpose


The purpose is to arrive at the connection point where women have embraced their femininity and men their masculinity. We can then move into a sphere beyond the concepts of femininity and masculinity where every individual is seen to be unique with infinite possibilities. At this point togetherness and wealth become Sustainable.

I am taking the Feminine Capital Waves around the world and the purpose of The Feminine Capital Forum in Cyprus, is to bring to you an example of what is happening elsewhere in the globe, giving you an enlightening and lively connection with many international and local speakers who are working towards the same goals.

This event will empower you and open a wealth of opportunities for you to enjoy the day by learning, networking, expanding and maybe even deciding what your next step is going to be.

Viola Edward




Dr. Isaura González


As a ​Clinical Psychologist​ and ​Educator​, ​Dr. Isaura de la Caridad Gonzalez​ has utilized her expertise and trailblazing skills to support others, specifically the Latina population, to expand their businesses and create top sum financial legacies. She is a multilingual innovator who founded one of the top Psychology practices​ in Staten Island as well as multiple other organizations, which aim to empower and inspire Latina entrepreneurs to learn the skills that will bring their businesses to the highest level.

Dr. Gonzalez has taken the initiative for the Latina market and exemplified her knowledge of entrepreneurship through her recent development, ​Latina​ ​Mastermind​. This was made successful by a group of highly motivated and driven Latinas who are working on building economic prosperity for themselves as well as helping other Latina women to do the same. She is the founder of ​The National Society of Latina Leadership and Empowerment,​ an organization that offers students of all ages the opportunity to connect with others and empower themselves through networking and leadership.


Guillermo Ricken


Born in Caracas, Venezuela to European parents , I consider myself a life-adventurer, a traveler on outer and inner paths in a constant search for spiritual and material meaning.

Although trained as an artist – photographer and drummer - and a therapist, I “work” as a creative entrepreneur in many areas, including, most recently, a project to foster, encourage and train women in the art of entrepreneurship. I deeply believe in the power of feminine capital, and it is an honor to work in this field to keep empowering women on their path to realizing their true, unique vision.


Sylvia Martin


Since more than 15 years she is working at AT&T, a large US Telecommunications company, listed as Fortune 10 company. In her current role as Assistant VP IHR Service Delivery she enjoys together with her team serving 12,000 employees across 55 countries on all operational aspects of Human Resources. Besides interacting with people of so many cultures she is passionate about mentoring and coaching employees and managers on different levels. Her specific focus is on helping females in as well as outside of business reaching their full potential. Her passion also led her to speaking on International Conferences, providing Leadership Seminars as well as she had several challenges along her way, her philosophy is that challenges are only there to help you grow. Today she is searching for things that challenge her, which is why she is going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in July this year. One of her favorite quotes is “Your only limit is your mind. Only you have the power to change it.”


Dr. Richard Werringloer


Dr. Richard Werringloer, born in Germany and grown up in the USA, studied medicine at the Justus Liebig University Gießen and specialized in family medicine. Since 2000 he practices in his own medical office and has further acquired Education in Positive Psychotherapy, Process and Embodiment Psychotherapy, Nonviolent communication, natural medicine, acupuncture and osteopathy which he combines in his work in the field of pain treatment and mental health care. He applies and continuously develops the skills he has learned from teachers as Prof. Nossrat Peseschkian, Marshal Rosenberg and Dr. Michael Bohne. For more than 10 years he has been working as a psychotherapeutic coach and trainer for Positive Psychotherapy, giving education to future psychotherapists in Germany, Ethiopia, China, Turkey, Latvia, Italy and Rumania. 2015 he gave a training in Nepal on grief and remotivation for the World Health Organization, in the aftermath of the earthquake of the same year.


Elena Tanou


A prominent and highly respected business professional, Ms. Tanou has built and expanded a publicly listed international travel and tourism business over the past thirty years. Ms Tanou was educated at the University of Nancy, France and is an active proponent of private sector development in the Cyprus economy.

Ms. Tanou is the Vice President of the Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of the Nicosia Tourism Board, Board member of Transparency International (Cyprus) and is a member of the Board of World Vision. She is Vice President of the International Chambers of Commerce in Cyprus and is a highly respected activist on matters of commercial transparency and entrepreneurship. Ms. Tanou is former President of the Cyprus Federation of Business and Professional Women, the Cyprus European Ambassador of Women Entrepreneurs and a recipient of the prestigious Madam Figaro Business Woman of the Year Award in 2012.


Fikri Toros


Fikri Toros was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in1962. He completed his schooling at Rossall School and graduated from the University of Salford in Manchester, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Operation and Control in July 1984.

After receiving his education, Toros joined his family owned Toros Group of Companies in Nicosia, where he became a Director. Under his direction, the Group's trading activities consistently diversified in the sectors of textiles, flooring materials, household goods, electrical and electronic appliances and motor vehicles. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Toros took an active role in the civil society groups such as Young Businessmen's Association, Turkish Cypriot Education Foundation, SOS Children's Village and the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce. From 1992 to date, Toros has been actively involved in various bicommunal conflict resolution initiatives, and is well known for his contributions to the Cyprus peace process.

In March 2014, Toros was elected as the President of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce. His personal mission was no secret; he endevoured to influence economic and social policies aimed at the enhancement of competitiveness, economic growth and prosperity within the Turkish Cypriot Community. Furthermore, he developed sound relations with the Greek Cypriot Business Community and all European Union Institutions, as he strongly deems such relations imperative in preparation for future Federal Cyprus within the EU. During his office at the Chamber of Commerce, Toros has been fully committed to the implementation of the necessary economic reforms and to the broadening of international relations.


Verónica Sosa


Verónica Sosa is the Founder and CEO of Business Fit International, serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, TV Host, Self-Development Facilitator and Mother.

Verónica is dedicated to empowering women towards better lives and rediscovering themselves. With qualifications in Marketing and Branding Online and International Business, Verónica is a self- development facilitator teaching others how to create “clarity” in their personal and professional lives to achieve success without confusion and to create a business with purposes. She has become an expert in Relationship Capital giving conferences around the world in countries like South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Spain and North America supported by her mentor JT Foxx.

She is also Co-founder of SHE (Seminar for Hispanics Entrepreneurs in Europe) an organization for Hispanic women in Holland, Belgium and Germany that helps them to achieve their goals and reach their balance between body, mind and spirit.

She loves giving speeches to inspire and motivate women around the world and to empower them to reach their highest potential exposing their businesses in the bran new Magazine Business Fit.


Layla Edward


Layla Edward is Venezuelan, she was born in Iraq, raised in Lebanon, studied in U.S.A., and lives most of the year in Venezuela.

From the beginning of her life until now, she has always been a traveler.

Layla is breathworker trainer, psychotherapist, birth coach, dancer. acupuncturist, graduated in traditional Chinese medicine in Venezuela, numerologist and community manager. She is also specialised in neurobics and nutrition, creating exquisite recipes for cellular cleansing.

Through her work Layla helps expand human potential, creating conditions for her clients and students to develop their consciousness.

Practical experience has shown her that by integrating the past and living in the present moment an internal state of peace and self-satisfaction can be reached, which is fundamental in recuperating the capacity of joy!

Layla integrates her love for nature and her freedom of movement in all her activities. She has earned the title “Master of Joy” from her students, teachers, friends and family.


Heleniq Argyrou


Heleniq Argyrou (M.A.) is an expert in inspiring and actualizing human potential. Sometimes she dazzles with drumming magic and shares the mystical side of life with rhythm and sacred sound. She is a clinical psychologist, sound and drum therapist, corporate and group organizational trainer and facilitator. Beyond her unique style of peak performance she provides revolutionary, non-invasive programs and has presented her work in 12 countries where her international repute is informed by numerous collaborations. Heleniq offers retreats on the beautiful island of Cyprus and intensive online programs that integrate ancient wisdom and neuroscience to actualise higher states. Based in neuroscience her techniques actualise highest brain potential and are universal pathways to create and master the new 'flow state' of peak performance.


Dr. Jale Refik Rogers


Dr. Jale Refik Rogers was born and raised in North Cyprus.  She moved to the U.S.A for her undergraduate studies and ended up living there for 13 years.  In 2006, she completed her PhD in Molecular Genetics in New York City.  Jale moved back to Cyprus 10 years ago.  She spent her first three years back as a founding faculty of a Pharmacy Department in a private university.  Since 2010, She has been the Head of Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the State Hospital.  Jale is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher with two 200hr teacher training certifications.  She has continued to teach yoga part time until recently.  She now divides her time between her careers in Science and in Politics.  Jale is a founding member of a newly established political party called The People’s Party, where she is currently on the Executive Board.  She is married and has two kids, ages 4 and 6.


Inge Mous


Inge Mous is an award winning serial entrepreneur from the Netherlands. She owns 9 businesses and brands and is also active in local and national politics. She is an international speaker on topics such as communication, performance and entrepreneurship. With her organisation “Women of Power and Change” she builds a platform to bring female entrepreneurs and politicians together to enhance their influence. Inge embraces the thought of Feminine Capital by Viola Edward because in her career as a successful mediator, advisor and coach she has learned that the cooperation between male and female energy creates higher value. This way every single person can contribute to a better environment in work and private life and create a better world. As the owner of the Dutch Chapter of an international business club Inge indicates the importance of giving value and being financially independent to get results.


Teresa Egaña


pushing the frontier of possible©
Adventurer | Life & Culture Taster | Traveler | Proud Mom | Entrepreneur.
Transformational SPEAKER for the Femenine & Productive Life
COACH of new Entrepreneur and StartUps, Creator of MINDSET WOW©
StartUps & Projects CONSTELATOR
+18 years working with women all over the world just because she loves being a woman
Specialized in Dynamic Psychotherapy, Breathwork, OSHO Meditations & TANTRA
Partner-Founder of MUJER WOW INC. (pre-incubator for new entrepreneurs & startups)
Nature Lover and Moon Priestess.

The SCENERIES, TV and RADIO are her natural environment. She has shared her sensous wisdom in Turkey, Canadá, Ecuador, Venezuela, Spain, Estonia, Russia, Australia and more.

Professionally formed in StartUps Incubators and Entrepreneurial Coaching (SALAMANCAUniversity) Family Constelations and Systemic Therapy (OSHO Multiversity), Positive Psychology (UNIMET), y BIZ SCHOOL with MARIE FORLEO | DYMANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY & BREATHWORK (Internacional Trainings), and is one of the pioneers of WOMEN CIRCLES in LATAM.


Özlem Özbekoğlu


While I am entering 41, I am a proud mother of two daughters of 17 and 10 years old. I studied international relations and completed master degree on culture and globalization. After a short period of working in politics, I decided that it was not for me. I opened my company 20 years ago starting as a copy centre, the first colour copying machine in NorthCyprus was ours, then, we continue with design office, personal gifts, promotion, and now we do sign making and also we deal advertising and consultancy. I own 4 branches in Kyrenia with 63 people working with me. I recommend everyone to take reasonable risks in their lives to develop themselves. I use my experience, strategies and believes to achieved my goals.
I am the council member of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and Board Member and Secretary of Business Women Association.


Roland Mustert


Roland Mustert is a serial entrepreneur and owner of 8 businesses and brands. He is the leader of an international business club. In line with his foundation called 'Pia Fidelis', which means 'Loyal and Committed', it is his mission to help others to reach their next level of success.
After he graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering he has been active in industry as a systems architect and manager, leading several employees and was responsible for projects up to 60 million euro's. He now runs his new investment business.
Being married to a successful and politically active business woman he has developed and optimized his communicative and social skills and has learned to bridge the gap between the typical male left brain world of logic and reasoning and the typical female right brain world of creativity, sensitivity and emotions. This enables him to coach men and women to better work together in business and private life.


Selma Henrichs


Selma Henrichs MA, Psychological Counsellor, certified Positive Psychotherapist (WAPP), European certificate for Psychotherapy (EAP), Basic Trainer for Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP), Psychological private practice with a focus on family therapy. For several years, She worked as an addiction therapist in a stationary psychiatric institution in Cyprus. Selma has been giving seminars in Cyprus, Turkey, Germany, Albania and Poland. Selma is living now in Colon, Germany.


Dervishe Cherkez-Guryel


A positive woman gifted with many talents. Dervishe is a Lawyer, currently President of the Kyrenia Bar Association, an Entrepreuner, Makeup Artist, Vice-President of SOS Children's Village charity, a creator, co-owner of a restaurant / bar, an spiritual energy healer and spiritual energy teacher. She's a happy mother of two daughters and wife, and last year she was on stage singing with her then 9 yr old daughter in aid of charity. She had held a number of singing performances in aid of charity and will continue to do so.


Dr. Anna Grichting


Anna Grichting is an architect, urbanist and musician from Switzerland and graduated with a Doctor of Design in Urbanism from Harvard University. She has lived, practiced and studied in England, Ireland, Switzerland, the USA, and the Gulf region, and conducted research in Cyprus, Korea, Berlin and Qatar. She is interested in holistic and systems approaches to Design and her academic experience includes teaching at the Universities of Geneva and Harvard, developing an Education Initiative for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and teaching the Balkans Peace Parks Academic Expedition Summer Course. Her research interests include Public Art and Public Realm, Food Security and Food Urbanism in Drylands, Urban Biodiversity, Urban Forestry, Blue Urbanism and the Urban Legacies of Mega Events, and Healing Ecologies in Border Landscapes of Conflict. She has published numerous book chapters and papers and given keynote speeches and papers at international conferences. She has also participated in Art Exhibitions, namely Stitching the Buffer Zone in Nicosia, Cyprus.
As a musician, she has released a CD with Desert Bridges in Qatar in 2014. She is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Qatar University, teaching courses in Sustainable Architecture, Urban and Landscape Design, and Architectural Design Projects.


Onerazan Bornia


Engineer, strategist and international speaker. Passionate for continuous personal and professional development, Onerazan supports women and men to expand their hidden potential transforming their lives into high performing success stories. 12 years of experience in leadership, business and assertive solutions in one of the biggest oil service companies in the world working with multicultural & multidiscipline teams.
Parallel to his corporate passion, He works in different entrepreneurial projects including Business Fit Magazine a marketing platform to boost the career of successful entrepreneurs


Stalo Lesta


Stalo Lesta is a driven human rights activist and works as a researcher, trainer, consultant, workshop and group facilitator within the Civil Society Sector in Cyprus. She is passionate about issues pertaining to equality, diversity and inclusion, human rights education, children’s rights, women’s rights, gender equality, gender based violence, domestic and child abuse, LGBTI rights and sexuality. Stalo is the author or co-author of academic articles and various training manuals on young people’s sexuality, sex education, human rights education, gender based violence, intimate partner violence, teenage relationships, women’s and youth empowerment. Since 2007, Stalo also works as an NGO Consultant, in the areas of organizational development, capacity building, leadership, strategic thinking and planning, volunteer recruitment, program design and monitoring and evaluation. Stalo dreams of a world that embraces diversity, justice and equality and is committed to empowering women, children and young people to stand up and assert their rights.


Pierre Hanell


Pierre Hanell is a recognized speaker in the Nordic Region who conveys another truth about food, movement and health on the conditions of nature. A truth we forgot and belong to the natural wisdom.

Pierre is a Master chef, Food scientist and Naturopath as a lecturer and Health speaker in nutrition and wealth, with a Master Degree in Food Science as well as long experience of ecology and sustainable entrepreneurship.

His lectures make it easier for anyone who hears his message to find his own balance in life. With Pierre's help, you increase your ability to rely on common sense and listen to your own body. His proven basic principles will give you a simple understanding of your personal needs and how you can contribute to a better.


Peter Petrou


Peter Petrou is a qualified Charter Accountant, he worked for 18 years in investment banking business family in Switzerland. His life changed in 2005 when he took his first yoga class in the early 90’s and began his spiritual yoga journey in Zurich. The yoga practice equally focused on philosophy, meditation (vipassana), pranayama (breathing) and asana (postures). Over the past 12 years Peter has received over 1200 hours of yoga training and he has spent cumulative one year of his life in silence. He further deepened his practice through studying Sivananda yoga in India in 2008 and more recently with YogaWorks teacher training. He is passionate about sharing the benefits he has witnessed from his own yoga and vipassana practice. For this reason, he moved to Limassol, Cyprus and founded the Vedanta Yoga Centre in 2013 and continues to share his vision of yoga being an integrative practice between the mind, body and spirit. Peter’s classes focus on the dual aspects of yoga, that of the breath being the vehicle for mindful practice, and the physical practice being the vehicle to higher states of awareness. Peter also organises silent yoga retreats in Cyprus and in India. Currently Peter is undertaking the breathwork-Coaching training with Viola Edward & Michael de Glanville.


Dr. Nilufer Rahmioglu


Dr. Nilufer Rahmioglu is a senior research scientist at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford. At the age of 17, she went to the U.S.A for her undergraduate studies. She received her PhD in genetic epidemiology from King’s College London in 2011; her MSc in Environmental Health from Cyprus International Institute in association with Harvard School of Public Health in 2007; her BA in Biology with a focus on cancer biology from Clark University in 2006. Her current research focus is on investigation of the genetic and environmental risk factors of endometriosis and related women’s health conditions with substantial public health burden. She spends 30% of her time in Oxford, UK, 70% working from her home office in Cyprus. She has recently founded the Cyprus Women’s Healthy Research (COHERE) Initiative, which aims to understand the regional women’s health and disease patterns, investigate the influence of ‘Mediterranean lifestyle’ and genetic factors for common women’s conditions from this emerging region in Europe. She has a 2-year-old son and enjoys travelling.


Leyla Russell


Leyla Russell is a business-building entrepreneur, who has lived all over the world.

She has structured projects in multiple sectors: construction, financial services, healthcare, real estate, renewable energy, technology, and yacht interiors and multiple geographies: Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK), MENA (Kuwait, Oman, UAE), Africa (Algeria, Ghana, Republic of Democratic Congo, South Africa) and South America (Ecuador, Venezuela) and Turkic Republics (Azerbaijan, Tajikistan).

Her own systematic approach has enabled her to succeed in many unrelated sectors and geographies. She believes that this was inspired from her mathematical education and many years of playing viola and piano.

She comes from a multi-cultural background: half English, half Turkish and educated in a French school. She graduated from London School of Economics with a B.Sc in Pure Mathematics and M.Sc in Accounting and Finance and with an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Her varied interests outside entrepreneurship include music, opera, horse riding, wine and food.


Alejandra Sarmiento


Alejandra was born in England, to a Spanish mother and a Venezuelan father. She was raised in Venezuela, where she learnt to love the vitality of latin culture, but educated in England, which taught her to appreciate understated civility. Her childhood sparked a passion for different cultures and a curiosity for human nature. Today, Alejandra is a transpersonal psychotherapist.
After having lived in Venezuela, England, Spain and Russia, Alejandra currently works as a school counsellor in London. This allows her to witness the beauty of the human spirit and the resilience to survive. Yet, she profoundly believes that surviving is not enough. Her desire is to support people to achieve their full potential by discovering their soul’s purpose, learning to live in their true essence and embodying their authentic selves.
Alejandra also has a BA in Russian and Economics and loves food, friendships, family and football.


Russell Flick


Russell Flick is an International Property Entrepreneur, public speaker and author based in Cyprus.
With a corporate background in the UK and skillsets in IT, Administration and Marketing, Russell originally moved to Cyprus to help his father transform his small sole trader business into a full scale building and resort management company.
While building this company over the last 10 years Russell always found if you provide free advice and assistance you constantly build trust and prove your value with your potential customers, social media has revolutionised this and Russell has seen that there is great potential in smaller marketplaces to use state of the art social media and content marketing techniques at far lower cost and competition than established marketplaces like the US or UK.
Since then Russell has founded a number of successful physical and online enterprises and now assists new entrepreneurs in these new markets establish themselves as the expert in their field and generate an income from their passion using his Trust based social media marketing model.


Michael de Glanville


Michael de Glanville is a writer, breathworker, watsu practitioner and massage therapist coming from an engineering background in petroleum exploration. Sport has always been a passion for him and in the mid 70’s Michael was among the pioneers developing hang gliding in Europe. In 1976 he founded Volantair Ltd, a flying equipment distribution business in France and flew on to win a gold medal in the 1978 European championships in Austria. He is the father of three adventurous sons and is an enthusiastic windsurfer and mountain biker. In 1993, after retraining in personal development therapies, he founded the Body Therapy Centre in Cannes, France, where he practiced and taught for seven years before returning in 2000 to Cyprus, the island of his birth and childhood. Michael and his adored wife Viola Edward live and work at the Kayana Center in Kyrenia where they have lovingly restored and developed an old Cypriot village house purchased in 1973. Michael designed and personally built the consultation rooms and much of the center's solar heated watsu pool.


Viola Edward


Viola Edward is an author, international speaker, Clarity Coach, Holistic Psychotherapist, Breathwork-Coaching Trainer, Image and Business Consultant.

Her books: Breathing the Rhythm of Success (1999) and Who Makes the Bed? (2017)

She hosts her own radio show “Feminine Capital Rhythm” in Radio WORKS and collaborates with different women Associations around the Globe. Viola is an example of Relational Capital.

“I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, having emigrated there with my family at the age of 13 from Beirut Lebanon until love moved me to Cyprus in 2002, happily married to Michael de Glanville.

Creating, working, exploring and expanding in a sustainable way has been my passion since I had to interrupt formal schooling at 13 and started working. Non-formal education has been my best companion and I am delighted to create spaces for you to learn and grow individually and in group.”

Viola is the creator of Feminine Capital Forum and she is the host for this first event in Cyprus.



The venue

The Colony Hotel, in the heart of Kyrenia, Cyprus North, is a five-star hotel and has just received the prestigious 2017 Travellers’ Choice Award from Trip Advisor. The participants of The Feminine Capital Forum are being offered a superb deal on room prices



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